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Community Theatre with NBTi

Discover the magic of the stage and the joy of creating live theatre with your family and friends through NBTi's Community Theatre Program! Participants of all ages are invited to join this program, which provides training in acting, singing, dancing, and stagecraft. Together with other members of the community, including family members, you will have the opportunity to create and perform in a production of Mary Poppins!

Production Information

Please note: We have postponed this production to take place in Spring of 2024. Interested in being kept in the loop about Mary Poppins Updates?

Sign up here, so we know to get in touch with you as soon as our new details come out.

Program Description

Content Information

Financial Details

One of the most beloved Disney movies, Mary Poppins, comes to life on stage as a practically perfect musical. Based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film, Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins delighted Broadway audiences with over 2,500 performances and received numerous award nominations. The story follows the troubled Banks family in England in 1910. When Mary Poppins, a magical nanny, arrives at their doorstep, she uses her unique abilities to teach the family members how to value each other once again. Along the way, Mary Poppins takes the children on magical adventures, imparting valuable lessons not only to Jane and Michael but also to the grown-ups who learn that "Anything can happen if you let it."

Director Ashley Kimball has developed an accessible version of this production that allows for many actors of all ages and levels. Please note, in order to support that mission, some songs have been arranged, or cut entirely to move the plot forward. This production is focused on building community and providing experiences for families.

If you have any questions about the material, please contact the Director Ashley at


Financial Details:

  • Cost: $350 per participant

  • Family Discounts available

We support every person who wishes to be involved in the production. Do not hesitate to contact if you are in need of financial assistance to participate. We want you and your family here and are happy to help!

The Cost of Community Theatre: It costs a minimum of $25,000 to even begin this community theatre production experience. This figure only covers the cost of licensing, rehearsal space, performance venue, and the staff. This figure does not cover costumes, sets, props, and all the other costs associated with theatre. At North Bay Theatrics, it is our mission to ensure accessible theatre opportunities for every person, despite the realities of the cost. Thank you for your participation! 

Casting Mary Poppins

Named Roles and “Double Casting”

With NBTi's Community Theatre Production, we believe in creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone has the opportunity to shine on stage. To achieve this, we will be using a "double casting system" for certain roles in the production. For example, in the case of Mary Poppins, we will cast two actors in the role. Each actor will perform in two out of the four shows, alternating nights with their fellow actor. On the nights they are not playing Mary Poppins, they will have the opportunity to contribute to the production in other ways, such as performing in the ensemble or working backstage as part of the crew. This casting system allows for a more diverse range of actors to have the opportunity to play a lead role, and also provides a backup in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent one of the actors from performing.


Overall, we believe that this casting approach reinforces the sense of community and collaboration that "Community Theatre" stands for, while also giving everyone the chance to showcase their talents and be part of a wonderful theatrical experience. There are plenty of opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels to get involved in this community theater project. Whether you're interested in lead roles, ensemble roles, or something in between, there's a role that's right for you.


List of Roles

Roles Reserved for Teenagers/Adults of Any Gender

GEORGE BANKS – Head of the Banks household, a bank manager who tries to be a good provider, but often forgets how to be a good husband and father. 


WINIFRED BANKS – A former actress who is very busy trying to live up to her husband’s expectations. She is a loving but distracted mother to Jane and Michael. 


Roles Reserved for Young People of Any Gender

MICHAEL BANKS – Cute and cheeky, excitable and sometimes naughty. He adores his father and tries to be like him. 


JANE BANKS – The high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mr. Banks, is bright and precocious but can be willful and inclined to snobbishness.


Roles Open to Anyone, of Any Age, of Any Gender

ENSEMBLE – A group of folks who ehlp tell the story of Mary Poppins. they will perform in hit numbers such as Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Step in Time, Jolly Holiday, and many more!


MARY POPPINS – Jane and Michael’s new nanny who is a force to be reckoned with possessing a dazzling personality. Full of hope even when things look dire, she professes “anything can happen if you let it.” Practically perfect in every way. 

BERT – A one man band, sidewalk artist, chimney sweep and kite salesman and friend to Mary Poppins. Charming and Charismatic - great mover and dancer!

MRS. BRILL – The Banks’ family cook who rules the kitchen and Robertson Ay with an iron hand. 

ROBERTSON AY – Clumsy but good-hearted footman of the Banks household, he has problems following directions and is a knock-about comic character. 

MISS ANDREW – George Banks’ old nanny called in to take Mary Poppins’ place. She is cruel and demanding to the entire Banks family. Things must be done her way-or else! 

MRS. CORRY – Mysterious and very old, she runs the “Talking Shop” where people buy conversations and gingerbread. She knew George Banks when he was a boy. 

NELEUS – A statue in the park who has lost his father. 

THE BIRD WOMAN – Sits in front of St. Paul’s cathedral every day selling bags of crumbs for her beloved pigeons. “Feed the Birds.”

THE PARK KEEPER – A stickler for rules and regulations, he watches over the park. 

ADMIRAL BOOM – The Banks’ family friendly neighbor on Cherry Tree Lane 

Miss LARK – Another of the Banks’ neighbors. A bit snobby and treats her dog, Willoughby, as a child. 

KATIE NANNA – The last of a long line of nannies for the Banks’ children who leaves #17 Cherry Tree Lane being fed up with Jane and Michael’s pranks. 

Show Cuts

Please note: The musical number with the toys at the end of Act 1 has been cut. Some other cuts of songs will take place for length of time of the show.


Does everyone get to be in the play?

At "Community Theatre," we believe that every person who auditions deserves a chance to be part of the production, regardless of their experience or skill level. That's why we guarantee that every person who auditions will be cast in the show, whether it is in a named role or in the ensemble.

We believe that ensemble is a fundamental part of any theatre production and it is our goal to feature every member of our cast for "their moment" on stage. Every actor has unique talents and strengths, and we strive to highlight those talents through thoughtful and creative staging and choreography.

So whether you are cast in a named role or in the ensemble, we guarantee that you will have the opportunity to shine and be part of a truly special theatrical experience. We can't wait to see what you bring to the stage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can participate in Community Theatre?

A: Everyone is welcome to participate in Community Theatre! We aim to be an inclusive program that allows folks of any age, gender, or experience level to perform on stage.

Q: Do I need any experience to participate?

A: No prior experience is necessary! Our program is designed for people of all experience levels, from beginners to experienced performers.

Q: How are roles assigned?

A: Every person who auditions will be cast in the show, whether it is in a named role or in the ensemble. We will cast two actors for certain roles and they will alternate performances.


Q: What is the rehearsal schedule like?

A: Rehearsals will take place three times a week, with two rehearsals for the whole cast and one rehearsal for the leads. The schedule is designed to accommodate busy schedules and is flexible.

Q: When are performances?

A: Performances will take place on one weekend, with a total of four official performances and two preview/invited dress performances.

Q: Can I participate in backstage crew instead of performing?

A: Yes, we welcome volunteers for backstage crew and other production roles. Just let us know during auditions.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: We strive to keep our program affordable and accessible to everyone. A $350 participation fee would cover the cost of participation in the program and would help support the community theatre program. It is important to note that we welcome and appreciate any amount that a participant is able to contribute. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Q: Can I bring my family to see the show?

A: Absolutely! We encourage all participants to invite their family and friends to come see the show and share in the experience.

Q: What can I expect from this program?

A: You can expect a supportive and inclusive environment where you can learn new skills, make friends, and be part of a fun and exciting production. We are committed to creating a positive experience for all participants, both on and off stage.


North Bay Theatrics is thrilled to invite you and your family to join us on the stage together! Have you ever thought about stepping on the stage again? Or for the first time? Our family musical theatre production will focus on bringing together people of all ages. We aim to create the opportunity to build community through the process of telling the beautiful story of Mary Poppins. All people are welcome to audition and if you want to participate in the play, you will be cast.

Auditions at NBTi

Auditions at NBTi

Auditions at NBTi
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Dance Auditions Information

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Acting Auditions

Acting Auditions

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Singing Auditions with Live Piano

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