Video Auditions

We are now welcoming video auditions for our Multigenerational shows. Please consider submitting a video audition in lieu of coming in person. Follow the steps below to create and send your video. Please be sure to follow the steps carefully. If you have any problems at all please reach out by filling out the form below.

What makes a great audition video?

Follow these steps and turn in an audition video that will get you noticed.


  1. Self Preparation: Make sure you feel great, are well groomed, and are wearing solid colors. Patterns onscreen can be very hard to focus on. You do not want the director to be focusing on anything other than your audition. 

  2. Distractions: Make sure your background is neat and tidy. No laundry piles or pets in the background. If you can stand in front of a solid background such as a wall please do so.

  3. Camera Prep: You can get great results from a phone camera, but be sure that you use a tripod or use a stack of books at face level to prop your phone against. Don't hold your own phone, no matter how hard you try you won't be able to keep the phone still and it will hurt your performance.

  4. Warm up: Be sure that you rehearse your song and movements before you record. There is no need for you to read cold or sing without really being warmed up and sure of yourself.

  5. Accompaniment: Make sure you are accompanied when you sing. Part of the audition is you showing us you can sing to the music in tempo. You can get karaoke tracks from or by searching the web. Some directors have a strong preference on whether or not you sing a song from the show. Most do not want you to. It's best if you choose a song that is LIKE the song you love from the show.

  6. Memorize: Be sure you are singing a song you have memorized. If you are looking down at your music or your sides, it means you are not performing. 

  7. Focus: Practice looking at the camera. Try not to look around the room with your eyes when you record yourself.

  8. Annunciate: Speak clearly and with purpose. Do not speed through your slate and take your time with your prepared materials.

  9. Orientation: Set up your phone so you record in the "landscape' mode. You do not want to record anything below mid chest. Make sure you mark your spot so that you know here to stand in order to record from mid chest to a little above the top of your head. Look straight forward, and directly at the camera.

  10. Time: Keep it under 3 minutes.


  1. Start: If you have a recording helper you can let them know when to begin recording you. If you don't have a partner press record and walk into frame to your mark, then look at the camera.

  2. Take a deep breath: It calms your nerves and you need the air to speak clearly and calmly.

  3. Slate: A slate is when you say your first and last name plus the information the company want to know. To slate for us please say your name, under 18 state your age and height, what roles you desire (up to three) and if you will take any role, then state the song title you are about to sing.

  4. Begin: Close your eyes and take a deep breath, (ask your helper to press play or press play a few bars before you are supposed to begin) when you open your eyes look right at the camera and sing your 16 bars. Show personality but do not bounce around. make all of your movements within the camera frame. Do not sing the whole song. Be sure to pick a part of the song that showcases your voice. You do not have to sing from the beginning of the song.

  5. Don't stop: Go right into reading your sides (audition paragraph from show) The director has a lot of auditions to watch. Don't waste time talking or explaining choices. Start reading from the sides you have chosen. THERE ARE NO SIDES TO VIDEO AUDITION FOR SOUND OF MUSIC, so show your personality in your song!

  6. Finish: A strong finish begins with a thank you and ends with a smile or character pose.

Send it:

  1. Make sure your video is no longer than 3 minutes long and label it with your name. 

  2. Email the video to

  3. If that does not work, open google docs and upload your video here

  4. If that does not work you can create a free account at and use that service to send a large file to the email address above.

  5. If you are still having problems please contact us using the contact form below.


We'll get back to you soon!